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The status of the jews and christians in muslim lands 1772CE Essay

The status of the jews and christians in muslim lands 1772CE - Essay Example The status of Jews and Muslims Lands in 1772 CE was more or less similar; they were at the receiving end, notwithstanding the protection available to them under the umbrella of the laws of the land or favorable dispositions of conservative Muslims. On a fair interpretation of the literature available on the subject, it is reasonable to assume that Jews and Christians in Muslim Lands lived in constant fear and their status was less than second-grade citizens. â€Å"In 1772 a Muslim scholar in Cairo was asked how Jews and Christians should be treated. The answer is found in this selection, issued four years before the American Declaration of Independence. This answer is not law, but only the opinion of a conservative Muslim. The opinion is in Arabic.†(Jacob†¦)The very basis of terms of references smacks of inferior treatment, as otherwise why such a situation should emerge at all for making a reference about non-Muslims? Thus it is taken for granted by the Muslim rulers tha t their religious tenets are superior and others have to fall in line. The medieval mind-set is showing in the questions listed in the reference and the answers provided. The attitude of the conservative Muslim is no better than the thinking process of a fundamentalist Muslim and the difference is only in degrees and nowhere full protection is guaranteed to the Jews and Christians. The word â€Å"unbelievers† as addressed to Jews and Christians in the questionnaire smacks of fundamentalism and it is certain that the issue will not be judged in an impartial manner. The first rank Muslim cities have been hailed as â€Å"splendor in legal and philosophic studies.† The normal lifestyles of these religions have been described as â€Å"innovations introduced by the cursed unbelievers.† Another charge is â€Å"they have put themselves on a footing of equality with the chiefs, scholars, and nobles, wearing, like them; costly garments of cloth of India, expensive silk a nd cashmere fabrics, and they imitate them even in the cut of these very garments.†(Jacob†¦) This insinuation which denies the Jews and Christians to practice their social customs and follow traditions is nothing but the imposition of their will by the Muslim governing authorities, the highest authority being the King. Throughout the history of any Nation, class conflict in one way or the other existed. The reference â€Å"they ride on saddles which are of the same type as those of chiefs, scholars, and officers, with servants at their right, at their left, and behind them, scattering and pushing back Muslims for whom they thus block the streets† (Jacob†¦)clearly indicates the gap between the rich and the poor existing at that time. With the details of the perquisites enjoyed by the rich, obviously belonging to Jew and Christian Communities, the gap as per the economic scale was wide and this must have created heartburning amongst the Muslims. The reference, à ¢â‚¬Å"they carry small batons in their hands just like the chiefs. They buy Muslim slaves, the offspring of Negro, Abyssinian, and even white slaves; this has become so common and so frequent among them that they no longer consider this offensive. They even buy slaves publicly, just like the Muslims,† (Jacob†¦) clearly indicates that slavery, the evil social system was in practice and the rich Jews and Christia

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